The Campfire Games

The Campfire Games is a brand new way to learn, grow, and build with the Bitcamp Community. At the start of this year's event, you will join one of three teams based on your personality and interests—joining forces with hackers from around the world! By winning unique challenges, attending workshops, and participating in mini-events, you'll rack up points for your team. At the end of Bitcamp, members of the winning team will receive limited edition Bitcamp Apparel. Find your community, develop your team identity, and collaborate on something bigger than yourself: #ExploreTogether


Blue marshie

The blue team is rational and clear-headed. Their curiosity and intelligence are some of their greatest assets in understanding and exploring the world around them.

Green marshie

The green team is adaptable—always growing and thriving in new and challenging circumstances.

Red marshie

The red team is passionate and fiery! Their emotion is their strength in handling whatever comes their way.